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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  August 29, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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c1 right at 11, rescue on the rocktree parkway. a man is trapped inside, and horrified witnesses rush in to help. thank you for joining us tonight. i'm lesli foster. >> and i'm adam longo. a frightening and freak accident has left one man in the hospital. a massive tree came crashing on to his car while he was driving through the district. mola lengh had i
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-- lenghi has more from the news room on what happened here. >> reporter: this is what it looks like when a tree falls on a car. the man driving the car was traveling north on rock creek parkway and exited on beach drive, a heavily wooded area when out of nowhere this tree crashed down on his sedan. >> the officer tells me at least 30 people helped him lift the tree up and slide the car backwards fromunder the tree. >> reporter: the 30 or so people were bystanders who were in the area. >> it was critical those people stopped and helped. three or four people could not have done it. it would have taken an army, and it did. >> reporter: before the army moved the massive tree, it crushed the roof of the car on top of the driver. the first responders finally peeled off the roof to extra -- to
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he remains to in the hospital tonight with life-threatening injuries. adam, back to you. >> thank you. that stretch of beach drive is expected to be reopened by the morning rush. you can download our app for the latest developments on this story and the potential impact on traffic. in 2 days, governor larry hogan in maryland will make an announcement about the start date for schools. >> the governor will announce his plan to make everyone's back to school state after labor day. ellison barber is in prince george's county speaking to parents about the possible change. >> reporter: supporters said if every public school in maryland started after labor day it would be economicicallied a
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economically smart. >> i don't think it's good for maryland family the. >> i would be delighted if they moved it back. >> difficult to arrange child care. >> no brainer. >> reporter: when should summer end and school begin? it's not a new question, but this week it may have a nuance. >> we want everyone to wake up and be in favor of starting after labor day. >> the governors will be in ocean city on wednesday to talk about the schools, and sources tell us hogan is going to announce a mandate to make all public schools start after labor day. >> everybody in maryland should start cool after labor day. >> reporter: the two support the later start date, but not everyone agrees, from this parent. >> i really don't see that being something good academically. >> to this school superintendent. this letter was sent to governor o'malley after a task force
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they said it pures to be based on purely economic reasons. we believe it should be determined locally and based on meeting the academic needs of our students, and these parents don't buy that. >> honestly a couple more days of school will not make that much of a difference. >> how big of a deal can it be if they are doing it around here? >> reporter: they want the later date. >> it would be nice to have one more week. >> reporter: we reached out to the governor and the comptroller's office, and both said they have no comment. reporting in green belt, i'm ellison barber, wusa 9. >> there's 24 school districts in maryland, and just one school system starts after labor day, and that's worcester county. in prince george's county, the head start program kicked off a new school year as scheduled despite the allegations of teacher abuse that cost the program its federal funding. the executive and school chief
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center in capitol heights today trying to assure parents head start would not be disrupted, and the feds pulled a $6.4 million grant following a scathing report of child abuse. school leaders say those responsible will be held accountable. now we know it was human error that caused the shut down of dc's 911 system on saturday night. >> it was a maintenance engineer at office of unified communications southeast who just flipped the wrong switch officials said and it shut down the entire system by accident, and that's where garrett haake is standing by live tonight with more on the shutdown, how it happened, and the fallout it caused across the district. >> reporter: the fallout, first for the maintenance engineer. he will no longer be able to work in any dc government building after this a little after 11:00 on saturday night, he was trying to turn off a persistent water leak alarm somewhere in the di
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instheead flipped the master kill switch that plunged the building into darkness and knocked out the entire 911 system. >> reporter: whitney burns heard a man beating up a woman in the alley behind her home. >> i could hear a woman's voice screaming, and i was emotional and upset. >> reporter: she dialed 911 and so did her mother and husband, again and again and again. >> reporter: how many times do you think you called 911? easily over 12. i think i called 8 times alone on my phone. >> reporter: district officials estimate between 300 and 350 callers heard what burns did when they dialed 911 between 11:30 and 1:00 a.m. on sunday. a busy signal or nothing at all. >> it was creepy because it would go silent, and then you could hear yourself echoing, so i was really like is this a horror movie? >> reporter: the 40 staff working saturday night e
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the backup facility 20 minutes away behind howard university, but calls did not forward directly either, and first responders had to come up with a work around, sending out e- mail and twitter blasts urging people to call a 10-digit number instead for emergencies. engineers eventually discovered the master kill switch had been flipped and began the process of resetting it. the full system would be back up and running after an approximate 90-minute outage. now the district is facing calls to prevent this from happening again and improvements to the system should they fail. >> in today's day and age, we are bombarded with messages constantly, and there has to be a better way. >> reporter: tonight district officials said they don't believe they missed any critical care calls during the outage on saturday night, but the truth is they don't and can't know that. they are asking for anyone who tried to call 91 during the outage to get in
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city to tell them what they missed. garrett haake, wusa 9. >> garrett, thank you. sometimes flames are not the only enemies in a house fire. dc firefighters ran into extreme hoarding conditions, and they said all the stuff crammed inside of the place made it especially stuff for crews to get to the flames, but fortunately no one was hurt. to the tropics. they are heating up, and labor day vacation plans could be at risk. >> and right no topper shutt. he is tracking two systems tonight. topper? >> reporter: let's start with the satellite picture, and we have hurricane gaston, a category 2 storm. it is a fish storm, not going to be a problem. it's moving away from us. tropical depression 8. 120miles southeast of hardrus and it prompted the warnings for the outer banks, and tropical depression 9 in the south eastern gulf of
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next few days, and for the time being, we do have tropical storm warnings including the sound for the outer banks, and the good news, the storm will get east and move away. it's forecasted to become a tropical storm, and if 8 becomes a tropical storm before 9, it will be hermaine and then ian. now this is wednesday at noon, and it's in the gulf of mexico, and then it will turn northeastward, and it's thursday at noon, headed to the panhandle of florida, and crossing over north florida into the atlantic. that's friday at noon, and again, more lines, and the closer together, the more agreement we have. then it will move offshore this is noon at saturday, way away from us at this point in time. i have to tell you, we are going to see pretty rough surf with this, and i will see rip current. a huge
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don't swim on unguarded beaches. not a life guard? don't do it. stay out of water when the risk is high, swim parallel to the shore if caught in a rip current, and then swim parallel until it subsides. and then swim back in a reminder to download our app. we have an update for you all the time, and it's the anniversary of katrina. there's a facebook post as well. the redskins' preseason game has moved to wednesday night. more in sports. first, to our prince george's county bureau, the search for a killer continues. the deadly shooting of oscar garcia. the father of five was found shot in his car parked outside of his home on joplin street. police have this composite sketch of the killer, and there's a reward for a tip that leads to an arrest. a sad end to
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a missing woman. 79-year-old mary butler disappeared from the fort washington area on august 5th, and pennsylvania state troopers found her body yesterday in a rural area about an hour west of harrisburg, and investigators do not suspect foul play. they are continuing to investigate. to fairfax county now, police are asking for your help in finding a hit-and-run driver who killed a man. it happened about 5:15 yesterday afternoon in reston. the 76-year-old victim was hit crossing north shore drive, and police said he was not in a crosswalk, and now police believe the driver of a black nissan ultima witnessed the crash. they would like that driver and any other witnesses to come forward and contact them. police are looking into the a deadly hit-and-run crash in fairfax county. it happened around 2:00 this morning on the beltway near exit 52, and police say a
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nissan maxima rear ended a toyota camry. police say the driver of the maxima ran off. 23-year-old nicholas hammond of fairfax is charged with manslaughter, hit-and-run, and driving under the influence. metro launching free wifi at least for awhile at a few stations. we will tell you how to be part of the testing process. a number of hepatitis a. cases is going up again. why more people are getting sick. dr. frankenstein. >> frankenstein. >> it's movie that gene wilder said made him laugh the
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hepatitis a. outbreak connected to smoothies from a local chain. 45 people have now tested positive for the virus. they range in age from 15 to 68, and strawberrs believed to be the source -- strawberries are believed to be the source of the outbreak and have been removed. there's a trial run of free wifi service, and it extends to six downtown stations, metro center, gallery place, union station, archives, and the plaza. the test is set to last 45 days, and then metro will shut it all down while they check with the pluses and minuses. eventually they will offer free wifi at every stop. donald trump is preparing for what he call is a major speech on illegal immigration
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wednesday. he tries to clarify his position with just 70 days to go until the election. early voting is set to start in some states including virginia in just over 3 weeks. hillary clinton is telling supporters she doesn't know which donald trump will show up at the presidential debate. >> today she spoke to supporters at a private fundraiser in the hamptons. she and bill clinton were seen leaving the event, and she said she is running against someone who will say or do anything. ever. a difficult day for clinton's top aid. huma abedin announcing today she is leaving her husband after yet another sexting scandal. the former congressman is accused of sex changing sexual messages with a woman last year, 4 years after a similar scandal cost him the election of major of new york. she has asked for privacy during this difficult time. down in tampa, florida, they are
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suntan lotion. >> pass a sandbag instead. folks are preparing for what could become a tropical storm. right now, out there churning in the gulf of mexico off the coast of kee west. it's expected to turn north, gather steam, and dump heavy rain across the sunshine state. >> around here, -- >> i think we need to emphasize, even if it doesn't turn into a storm, heavy rain will happen in florida, and that's why they moved the game to wednesday. that's a matter of when, and it is producing flooding, and here, two more hot days. >> how about that? >> we will get hot again, but it changes thursday and friday, and our 3-degree guarantee. we were in good shape. feeling confident. 92 and it was 94. if you're scoring at home, it was the 21st 90-degree day for the month of august. the record is 22 days, and if we hit it tomorrow, that's 22. 90 tomorrow and wednesday,
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new record. whoohooo. 63 of the last 68 days. winds are light, and dew points are over 70. never a good sign. satellite picture, radar combined. zooming out to the south and east, and this is hurricane gaston moving away from us. it's a fish storm, and this is what we have. it's tropical depression 9, and that's in the south eastern coast of the gulf of mexico, and showers and storms across florida, and now tropical storm 8, 125 miles to the southeast, and pretty soon bands will be moving back onshore, and there's warning there is. for us, clear to partly cloudy and i believe we will see a sprinkle by dawn. bus stop temperatures nice. 66 to 80. that's 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. tuesday and wednesday, still hot. either side of 90. near 90 tomorrow, and much cooler into the week, and cooler but a nice holiday weekend, and maybe too cool for some folks, and in the 50s at night in the suburbs, and it looks like friday
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saturday night, and sunday night, and perhaps even labor day night. a couple the of fleck -- a couple of flecks of showers. and 68 in silverspring. by mid-morning, nice, 75 in sterling, and 76 in dale city, and fredericksburg, and 1:00, toasty. 86 or 87 in bowie, and 85 in laplatta. and temperatures near 90. i don't think you will get to 90 in frederick and haggerstown. temperatures generally in the low 70s downtown. 83 by 11:00, and 87 by 1 :00 p.m., and we will say 90 tomorrow. a stray shower. 90 on wednesday, and a stray thunderstorm. much better chance of storms wednesday into thursday, and 83 on thursd
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cooler, and look what happens. low 80s friday, saturday, and sunday, back to the mid-80s on monday. looking perfect for the game on saturday, and -- >> what game is that? >> the bisons and the terps. >> don't even start it. >> i don't know we are going to build up to anything. we are just going to move on. >> we will wait and see. >> setting low expectations, but it will be a great game. >> speaking of great games, another one a day earlier. >> yes the final preseason game for the burgundy and gold has been moved to wednesday night. from thursday to wednesday, and the redskins and buccaneers. also, colin kaepernick causing quite the controversy this weekend. the burgundy and gold speak ou
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this is the final week of the nfl preseason, and teams are preparing for the last game, and the coaches preparing to finalize the 53-man roster, but instead of talking about football today, coaches and players around the league were asked about colin kaepernick. more specifically their thoughts on his decision to sit during the national anthem before the game. it's really touched a nerve around the country. those inside and out appear to be divided. coach gruden and the players were asked for their parents including a former teammate of colin kaepernick. >> for 3 minutes for us to stand up and give respect, and that's how we treat it with the redskins. >> i don't know colin kaepernick. we live in a free country, and there's a lot of men and women who have lost our lives for
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to have that right. >> for me, myself, i try to do the right thing. the right thing for me could be different compared to someone else. i don't know what the right thing is for this guy or this guy over here. i don't know. i try to stay in my own lane, control what i can control. keep god first, and be the best i can be on a daily basis. >> i feel like he's a grown man, and if that's what he decides he wants to do to bring awareness to the black community, that's his decision. >> he's a good guy. good kid. his head is on the right shoulders, but with that situation, i can't tell you. i just know the guy i was with once upon a time. >> there is a also a rookie out of philadelphia, an undrafted rookie who will do the same thing. he has nothing to lose, but his agent advised him otherwise from a business prospective, but it touched a nerve. >> hard to know what will happen
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whether he will be able to stand with the 49ers. >> he has not been living up to the caliber of $12 million, but now you can see the argument some people don't want the media attention. new coach, problem with the quarterback, and they have had drama already, and from a business perspective, this is not what they needed. >> awkward to put every person on the spot now. while people may support him, they may not want to say it, and now everyone is faced with the decision of what they will say and now they will comment on it. >> reporter: some are freeing, but most of them are just like he's a grown adult, and he can do what he needs to do. we as female teacher: who can name the third president? male teacher: and the largest planet?
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ask your doctor or pharmacist about all the risks and benefits of trumenba and tell them if you've received any other meningitis b vaccines. meningitis b can be spread by typical sharing like... a drink... a spoon... a kiss. it all started here... it might have been prevented with trumenba. ask your doctor or pharmacist about trumenba. ♪
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amazing sleep stays with you all day and all night. sleep number beds with sleepiq technology give you the knowledge to adjust for the best sleep ever. the time is now for the biggest sale of the year, where all beds are on sale! save 50% on the labor day limited edition bed. know better sleep. only at a sleep number store. tonight hollywood is remembering a man who made us laugh. >> actor, careen writer
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director, gene wilder. >> give my creation life! >> you saw wilder there in the movie young frankenstein. he passed away last night in his home in connecticut from complications of of alzheimer's. some of his other creations included willy wonka and the chocolate factory. ''gene wilder blessed every film he did with his magic and he blessed me with his friendship." many of you are sharing your favorite movies. richard says i will be out of town this weekend, otherwise i would give myself a gene wilder film fest. >> paul is not alone in saying he
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>> he made me smile, laugh and appreciate what life could be. we would love to see your favorite memories. share your thoughts at #watchwusa9. two hot days and then a nice change of pace. cooler, low 80s, and it sets the stage for a great weekend friday, saturday, and sunday and monday. >> and wednesday. >> and a reminder, the redskins' game will move from thursday to wednesday night in tampa bay. >> that's
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>> i tried to make a home out of you. >> i was the floor boards and the sheetrock. >> but doors lead to trap doors, a stairway leads to nothing. >> i had to climb up the window just to get to work this morning. it's ridiculous. (cheers and applause) ♪ i th


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